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No shoes required: Hobbit film seeks short actors

A casting call is issued for diminutive actors in New Zealand, as director Peter Jackson’s production company forges ahead with plans to film The Hobbit.

Wilde letters are sold at auction

A small but revealing group of letters written by the playwright Oscar Wilde are sold at auction in Derby.

Comedian speaks to Congress panel

Satirist Stephen Colbert makes a controversial appearance before a US congressional committee discussing immigrant farm workers.


Ten years ago, François Ozon’s dark, Hitchcock-tinged melodrama See the Sea caught the attention of American film critics. The New York Times’ Janet Maslin marked him as “an impressive new filmmaker with a flair for implicit mayhem.” In the 12 features since then, Ozon has expressed his mayhem in various genres (musicals, fairy tales, magical realism, period romances, etc.), with different cinematic influences (Chabrol, Fassbinder, Renoir, Pasolini, etc.) and in a range of production scales. But central to all his films is a deep sense of the essentially conflicted nature of emotional relations, be it the comic sadomasochism of Water Drops On Burning Rocks, the perverse family values of Sitcom, or the life-affirming death wish of Time to…

C4 bids farewell to Big Brother

Former air steward Brian Dowling is the bookies’ favourite to win Ultimate Big Brother as the Channel 4 reality show comes to an end.

Hirst joins arts funding campaign

Leading artists including Tracey Emin, David Hockney and Damien Hirst join a campaign against proposed government cuts to arts funding.

Cyrus Cylinder is loaned to Iran

The British Museum settles a dispute with Iran’s national museum over the loan of ancient Persian treasure the Cyrus Cylinder.

Noel Gallagher puts music on hold

Former Oasis star Noel Gallagher tells fans not to expect any solo material in the near future, following the band’s split last year.

Writer’s ‘lost poem’ discovered

Unpublished poem The Hills of Killearn by one of Scotland’s greatest writers, Sir Walter Scott, is to be read in public for the first time.

Spears denies sexual harassment

Britney Spears denies her ex-bodyguard’s claims that she sexually harassed him saying she expects them to be dismissed in court.