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Japan to fire a “space cannon” into asteroid

Japan to fire a “space cannon” into asteroid.

space agency has successfully test-fired a “space cannon” designed to launch
a projectile into an asteroid as part of the search for the origins of the

The device will be aboard the Hayabusa-2 space probe that is scheduled to take
off in 2014 and rendezvous with an asteroid identified as 1999JU3 that
orbits between Earth and Mars in 2018.


Once in position close to the asteroid, the space cannon will detach itself
and remotely fire a 4lb metal projectile into the surface of the miniature


“An artificial crater that can be created by the device is expected to be a
small one, a few meters in diameter, but … by acquiring samples from the
surface that is exposed by the collision, we can get fresh samples that are
less weathered by the space environment or heat,” the Japan Aerospace
Exploration Agency said in a statement.

The mother craft will then land close to the crater and user a small rover to
collect samples that would have otherwise been below the surface of the
asteroid and return to Earth in late 2020. In all, JAXA scientists say the
craft will shadow the 2,950-foot-diameter asteroid for around 18 months.


The project has “the potential to revolutionise our understanding of pristine
materials essential to understanding the conditions for planet formation and
the emergence of life,” JAXA said.

“It can provide important information needed to develop strategies to protect
the Earth from potential hazards,” the agency added. “Moreover, robotic
sampling missions to primitive bodies will be pathfinders for … human
missions that might use asteroid resources to facilitate human exploration
and the development of space.”

Hayabusa-2 is the second project to recover particles from deep space and will
build on the success of Hayabusa, which in 2010 gathered surface dust from
an asteroid and returned to Earth.

mysterious star discovered in Constellation Leo Perplex Scientists

mysterious star discovered in Constellation Leo Perplex Scientists

Astrophysicists in Germany, France and Italy have found a very old star of the constellation Leo, whose existence is a complete mystery to them. SDSS J102915 172 927, unlike the other stars “of the same age,” which appeared soon after the Big Bang, has a smaller mass, which does not fit into the modern theory of star formation mechanisms.

Age of the star SDSS J102915 172 927, which is located just to the edge of the solar system, the researchers have more than 13 billion years, while the age of the universe itself is only somewhere around 13.75 billion years. Weight of the newly discovered star is less than 0.8 solar masses. Stars that have formed the eve of the universe as a rule contain little or no heavy metals.

It is believed that in that distant era, 75 percent of the material universe was hydrogen, 25 per cent – helium, and a very small amount of lithium. Stars have higher metal concentrations are the products of a thermonuclear bomb reactions and supernova explosions. Low-mass stars in the universe began to occur after heavy elements cooled clouds of interstellar matter up to the point where gravity starts to exceed the pressure of the hot gas cloud collapse and star.

Analysis of the data the Very Large Telescope (VLT) through the X-shooter spectrograph UVES, and showed that some of the heavy elements in the star SDSS J102915 172 927 is about 20,000 times smaller than the sun. According to one study participants, Perkarlo Bonifacio Paris Observatory, the newly discovered star is relatively dim, and the researchers have not been able to identify the elements heavier than helium is its composition. “The first spectra of this faint star, we found traces of only one” heavy “element, calcium,” he said. “Finding other metals, we had to significantly expand the program’s findings.”

Star contains forty times less than the Lithia this should in theory be the target. For Lithia break, the substance was a warm up to temperatures of more than two million degrees Kelvin. “We had to spend the extra time for the telescope to study stars in more detail,” said Bonifacio.

The researchers drew attention to the limited amount of carbon and oxygen to promote cooling protostellar clouds and create the necessary conditions for the formation of Low-mass stars: it was well below the threshold. So, on the other hand, the older the star, the more its configuration must match the configuration of the universe the early stages of evolution, after all consisted exclusively of light elements, and its weight is greater. However, SDSS J102915 172 927 does not confirm this rule. It has a low concentration of the metal, and at the same time is a small mass.

“The standard theory interprets the corresponding low-mass stars and low metal content should not be, because the cloud point on which they appear does not shrink,” says Elisabetta Kaffal European Southern Observatory (ESO). “We did not expect to find a star in the” forbidden zone. “This means that we may have to revise some of the models of star formation mechanisms.”

This means either that the astronomers were wrong age of the star, or it formed later (after all, its age was defined on the basis of “Metal City”), or its formation is not according to the “Classic” scenario. Finally, it is a theory that the Big Bang have been some of the unique event, and such explosions occur from time to time. So, SDSS J102915 172 927 could not be there, for example, before the Big Bang. At least, that gave birth to most of the objects in the universe. Then everything is explained – so it is lightweight and low metals.

However, according to astrophysicists, SDSS J102915 172 927 is not yet unique, they were able to calculate a few “primitive” stars of low metal city. “Now we will examine the VLT, to check whether they are” primitive, “said Dr. Kaffal.

Could a Parallel world be hidden inside Earth?


In many ways, scientists find more and more evidence to prove the existence of new dimensions and parallel worlds. Physicists at Stanford University managed to calculate the hypothetical number of universes that were formed as a result of the Big Bang. According to them, the Big Bang created 101016 universes. It is quite possible, though, that they may exist inside one another, including our planet. Therefore, there is probably another Earth hidden inside planet Earth.

The hollow Earth theory can be traced back to ancient periods of the history of human civilization. Ancient wise men believed that there was a whole underground world with its underground creatures living inside the planet. It may seem to many that it is only a primeval and naïve perception of the structure of the world.

In Ancient Greece, there was a myth about Tartar – the ominous underground world. Philosopher Anaxagoras (5th century A.D) built a model of creation made of the flat earth surrounded by the air sphere and the cloud of ether. He wrote about the existence of the parallel world with its people, cities and even celestial bodies. If planet Earth is the center of the universe, where do these people live? Do they live under the ground?

Hypotheses about the existence of hollow space inside planet Earth appeared later as well. The theory was put forward by Galilei, Franklin and Lichtenberg among others.

In 1818, John Cleves Symmes showered the US Congress, universities and prominent scientists with messages, in which he was trying to prove that the Earth was made of several concentric spheres with openings near the poles.

Soviet academician V. Obruchev put forward a hypothesis about a giant meteorite that rammed into Earth in primeval times. According to him, the meteorite may have broken through the planet’s crust and created hollowness inside.

US researcher Cyrus Teed said that the surface of the Earth might be the interior shell of a sphere. The theory became known as “concave hollow Earth” hypothesis. According to this theory, we all live on the inner shell of the Earth.

Let’s just assume that the underground world exists and that there is someone living there in that world. What may those creatures look like? Can they be the mysterious monsters, the existence or non-existence of which has been perplexing mankind for centuries?