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Japan to fire a “space cannon” into asteroid

Japan to fire a “space cannon” into asteroid.

space agency has successfully test-fired a “space cannon” designed to launch
a projectile into an asteroid as part of the search for the origins of the

The device will be aboard the Hayabusa-2 space probe that is scheduled to take
off in 2014 and rendezvous with an asteroid identified as 1999JU3 that
orbits between Earth and Mars in 2018.


Once in position close to the asteroid, the space cannon will detach itself
and remotely fire a 4lb metal projectile into the surface of the miniature


“An artificial crater that can be created by the device is expected to be a
small one, a few meters in diameter, but … by acquiring samples from the
surface that is exposed by the collision, we can get fresh samples that are
less weathered by the space environment or heat,” the Japan Aerospace
Exploration Agency said in a statement.

The mother craft will then land close to the crater and user a small rover to
collect samples that would have otherwise been below the surface of the
asteroid and return to Earth in late 2020. In all, JAXA scientists say the
craft will shadow the 2,950-foot-diameter asteroid for around 18 months.


The project has “the potential to revolutionise our understanding of pristine
materials essential to understanding the conditions for planet formation and
the emergence of life,” JAXA said.

“It can provide important information needed to develop strategies to protect
the Earth from potential hazards,” the agency added. “Moreover, robotic
sampling missions to primitive bodies will be pathfinders for … human
missions that might use asteroid resources to facilitate human exploration
and the development of space.”

Hayabusa-2 is the second project to recover particles from deep space and will
build on the success of Hayabusa, which in 2010 gathered surface dust from
an asteroid and returned to Earth.

Iran Plans to Send Monkey into Space as Test for Manned Flights


Head of Iranian Space Agency (ISA) Hamid Fazeli says the country plans to send a live monkey in space aboard the country’s domestically produced Kavoshgar 5 (Explorer 5) planet carrier.

“Kavoshgar 5 kg with a weight of 285 will blast into space with an animal (a monkey) in the next Iranian calendar month (starting on 23 July),” IRNA quoted the words Fazeli on Monday.

He further explained that Kavoshgar built 5 a structural similar to the Omid (Hope) satellite, Iran first domestically produced satellite, which has launched into orbit in 2009 to life.

The Omid satellite data processing is designed to orbit the Earth 15 times per day and the data transmitted over two frequency bands and eight antennas to an Iranian space station.

Fazeli also pointed out, provides that five monkeys, experiments are currently getting for launch. The monkeys take exercises “to resist physical and orbital pressure, acceleration, sound [boom], vibration and other elements in the lift-off.” To

The ISA head noted that certain changes were made in the subsystem of the Kavoshgar 5 rocket made and said it must use liquid fuel, since it has been modified to accelerate, more than its previous prototypes.

On 20 June, said the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran has obtained the technology to develop different satellites and will soon be huge satellites in circular orbits at an altitude of nearly 35,000 kilometers (21,748 miles) above Earth’s surface taken.

The space capsule designed to carry the living creatures was introduced in February by President Ahmadinejad.

In February, the Iranian chief Kavoshgar 4 (IE 4) and three other national satellite Fajr (Dawn), Rasad (observation), Amirkabir I, Zafar (Victory) and the Kavoshgar 4 (IE 4) reveals planet carrier.

On 17 March, Iran successfully its first domestically produced bio-capsule “preservation of life ‘through the production of oxygen by the use of dry ice in the space of four Kavoshgar satellite carrier.

Fazeli had earlier said that Kavoshgar first mission was designed to evaluate the performance of the Space Explorer, the systems and subsystems together with the launch ramp, lift mechanism and the bio-capsule.

Iran is one of 24 founding members of the United Nations’ Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, which was founded by in 1959.

Tehran also plans the nation’s first manned mission to space station 2019th