North Korean Super Soldier? Giant man spotted at National Parade

Super Soldier? Giant man spotted at North Korean funeral

A photo of Kim Jong Il’s funeral has been widely publicized, But one image has aroused curiosity for the mysterious figure standing in the back row.

The man appears to be about one third taller than the men to his left and right, with the tops of his legs almost at shoulder height with others standing in the crowd.

It seems probable the tall man is North Korea’s NBA star Ri ‘Michael’ Myung Hun.

The mystery man appears to be close to that height when compared with the other people around him.

The average height of North Koreans is 166cm, 5cm shorter than their South Korean neighbors.

The height difference has been blamed on the poor standard of living in the country.

Or could it be a genetic experiment? North Korea’s sick devotion to their army and no moral guidance could produce any kind of unnatural experiments.

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