Louis Licari: Old Fashion vs On Trend

The most modern-looking hair color is any shade that is most flattering to your complexion. When your hair color is right, your skin should seem to have a natural glow. It should look more vibrant and beautiful.

BLONDS. The hair color that looks the most old fashioned is frosted blond hair. This is when the highlights are too light for the base color, and will make your hair look grayish and dull. Modern-looking blond hair is more of a sunny golden shade. This shade will light up your face. If your complexion is a bit sallow or rosy, pick a wheat shade of blond. Hottest blondes: Hayden Panettiere, Ali Larter, Blake Lively.

REDHEADS. Red hair is the “look at me” color. This is because there are fewer redheads than any other shade. Red hair can be brighter than natural, but it must always have copper undertones. Blue reds never look modern or believable and are rarely flattering. Red hair looks best on people with pale skin tones. People with olive skin should only consider dark auburn shades. Red-hot redheads: Susan Sarandon, Julianne Moore, Isla Fisher.

Brunettes. Brunette is the new hot color. This is the color that just a few years ago almost all women wanted to change. Now they want to embellish it and make it more pronounced and outstanding. Chocolate brown is the most fashion-forward color. Brown hair made too dark so that all the natural nuances of color are covered is the most harsh and old fashioned. Brunettes should never look solid or monochromatic. Most blistering brunettes: Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, Selma Hayek.

The look of color changes as quickly as hemlines and clothing silhouettes. What looked fashion forward just a few years ago can look out of date today. Constant small changes are the solution to staying on trend.

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