Little Girl Writes Adorable Letter To Grandpa After Missing Funeral (PICTURE)

Last week we brought you not one, but two hilarious notes written by two of our readers when they were younger. This week, another reader sent us an adorable letter she wrote when she was just 10-years-old. This one caught our eye in particular, not just because it’s a hilarious and sentimental note to her grandpa, but because she wrote it after missing HIS funeral. Heather L. writes:

“Here’s a letter my mother found some years agonthat I wrote at the age of ten to my grandfather, after his death. I remember feeling guilty that I had missed his funeral, so I wanted to send him a letter to ‘make things right.'”

We can’t get enough of these, so please readers, if you any more of you have dug up hilarious things you wrote as a kid,

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