LAPD declares tactical alert as fires burn in Westlake

Fires were burning on Union Avenue and 6th Street in Westlake on Tuesday night as crowds clashed with Los Angeles Police Department officers.

Hundreds of police, clad in helmets and wielding batons, had responded to the area. Officers formed skirmish lines as protesters scattered in alleys and streets adjacent to 6th Street.

LAPD Officer Karen Rayner said a citywide tactical alert was declared, freeing up more officers to respond to the scene.

She said she had not received any reports on whether people had been arrested or injured.

Protesters were hurling bottles and other objects at officers, who declared an unlawful assembly about 9:30 p.m. The protesters had marched along 6th Street and past Union Avenue, where Manuel Jamines was shot Sunday by officers who say he lunged at them with a 6-inch switchblade and refused commands to drop the weapon.

Police had completely cordoned off 6th Street between Union Lane on the east and Alvarado Street near MacArthur Park on the west. At least two volleys of nonlethal foam projectiles were fired at demonstrators.

— Kate Linthicum in Westlake and Robert J. Lopez in Los Angeles

Photo: Police chase protesters on 6th Street. Credit: Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles Times

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