TWENTY MILLION tons of Japan tsunami debris is closing in on Hawaii! TVs, fridges and fishing boats and more(photos)

TWENTY MILLION tons of Japan tsunami debris is closing in on Hawaii! TVs, fridges and fishing boats and More(photos)

Televisions, refrigerators and furniture pieces are going to Hawaii, because a huge amount of debris from the earthquake in Japan, sails over the Pacific.

Up to 20 million tons of debris from the earthquake in March is expected to travel faster and could reach the U.S. west coast in three years.

Russian ship’s crew spotted the debris – which included a 20ft long fishing boat – last month after passing the Midway Islands.

“We have a rough estimate 5-20000000 tons of debris from Japan,” University of Hawaii researcher, Jan Hafner, told KITV.

Experts are revising their forecasts to say garbage now reached Midway Island in Hawaii for the winter and less than two years.

Crew members of the Russian training ship spotted debris from the STS Palladia 2,000 kilometers from Japan, including the fishing boat Fukushima, reported AFP.

“They saw some furniture, some appliances, which can float – and they picked up a fishing boat,” Mr. Hafner told KITV.

We also sighted a television, a fridge and a couple of other home appliances. ”

Spokesman for the International Pacific Research Center, University of Hawaii said: “The Russian ship … found a number of unmistakable tsunami debris on its way back home in Honolulu to Vladivostok.”

Japan was badly affected by 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami of 11 March, which left 20,000 people dead or missing.

Earthquake damaged the cooling systems at the Fukushima plant, which resulted in the worst disaster in the world of Atomic since Chernobyl in 1986.

Japan is struggling in part because the tourists are worried about the visit, so that the Tourist Board is to donate 10 000 free flights.

Scientists are eager to follow, if the debris is going, because it may threaten the small vessels as well as the coasts, reported in a live science.

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