Louis C.K. Talks Terrible NYC Public Schools (VIDEO)

UPDATE: HuffPost Comedy mistook this Louis C.K. appearance on Leno in which he wore a black t-shirt and made fun of children (which actually aired in June of this year) for his September 3 appearance on Leno in which wore a black t-shirt and made fun of children. The words “last night” below are incorrect, but everything else is true. We regret the error.

PREVIOUSLY: Hilarious comedian, “Louie” star, and recent drunk tweeter Louis C.K. went on “The Tonight Show” last night, and dished out some material on his two daughters’ NYC public school. C.K. told some hilarious and frightening stories about the times he’s volunteered during lunch time, when 300 kids are dining and “one Jamaican lady is watching all of them.”

One of the funniest parts of the interview was when C.K. reacted sarcastically after getting a lot of laughs talking about some of the school kids’ deathly peanut allergies, and again when he mentioned free lunch for low income students. Leno’s audience had some interesting reactions.

On another interesting note, the second guest on “The Tonight Show” last night was Bristol Palin. We wonder if there was an awkward moment since the subject of C.K.’s recent drunk Twitter rant was Bristol’s mom, Sarah Palin.


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