Espionage! Air force computer network for UAV’s Hacked – Inside Job

U.S. military base found a keylogger on their network specifically targeting UAVs

U.S. Army expects unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have a greater role in future military operations, but it is still obvious things that need to be resolved. One such thing is the safety of UAV that rely on computer-controlled, which may jeopardize a professional criminals and foreign governments.

Virus found a Host-Based Security System is a computer used in Nevada Creech Air Force Base. In particular, the virus remotely logged keystrokes for computers used by pilots to control the Predator and Reaper unmanned aircraft to perform in Afghanistan.

“We will wipe off, and it falls back,” Anonymous sources said. “We think it is benign. But we just do not know.”

Creech officer now receives daily briefings on a computer virus, but seems to be business as usual.

Both the Predator and Reaper drones actively flying in the Middle East, and there are no immediate plans to land an unmanned fleet until the problem has been solved.

It is unknown if this is reported with a keylogger has been deliberately placed on a data network, but it is an extremely serious matter. It is hopeful optimism that the relatively common keylogger was simply placed on the network by mistake – but it is also something that must be taken into due account.

Meanwhile, the British Royal Air Force and other nations with growing fleets of UAVs are also monitoring the Cyber ??questions that the U.S. military has to deal with.

Benign or not, a keylogger will remain a serious concern for security experts worried that the military experts, and private contractors to make improvements.

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