Homeland Security discover new terrorist threat that could devastate the Southwest of US


A senior staffer at Homeland Security revealed that a threat to the Southwest region of the US is
imminent in the next few months.

The threat is one that happens every year, forest fires.
High heat and no rain make millions of rural and suburban area susceptible to bush fires.
The devastation to the economy, infrastructure and loss of property are severe.

In a cell that was discovered near Portland Oregon of “persons of a undisclosed nationality” plans were drawn up to set multiple fires in forest from California to Colorado.
The plan called for using self igniting fire bombs that could be remotely detonated by radio frequency.
These networks of fires were coordinated to maximize wind patterns, counties with limited fire fighting resources and response time and current fire risk.

The result would be the largest loss of land and fire that the world has ever seen.
To defend against this threat is virtually impossible. The consequences would loss of life and
cloud of smoke over America.

Officials advise to aware of any suspicious activity in the next few months. You can make a difference.


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