ChemTrails – A Threat to All Who Wish to Breath The Free Air of Liberty? – Listener’s Feedback

On January 27th, Rob Simon hosted Coast to Coast AM. The subject was chemtrails and the response was huge.
Pictures, stories and inforation flooded in after the show. The following is some of the listener submission regarding the program.

” I live in the Mt. Shasta, Ca. area and have been
painfully aware of chemtrails overhead for the last 8 yrs. But since
2012 the chemtrails have intensified to almost non-stop and many days
the atmosphere is a whitish silverery haze and the mountains are
almost dimmed out.”

“I thought it was the
best show on chemtrails I’ve ever heard. ”

Video Sent in by another listener:

“was listening to your show on chemtrails and had some insight. The spraying of the air is a chemical solution of a seeding compound and an antimicrobial/antifungal. The chemicals often used is silver Iodide, sulphur dioxide suspended in dry ice, Triclosan. The idea is to produce clouds that will disperse the antimicrobial/antifungal solutions for the purpose of surpressing the spead of early crude atempts of biological wepons. The high sulpher and silver content causes toxic effects on the environment. The early and consant use of the Triciosan as a surpressant has caused the attempts at bacterial and fungi to become more resistant to elimination (Aug. 6, 1998 issue of nature).

During WWII several bases around the US were designated as sites for the first tests and development of biological wepons. These labs were not structured or designed with future problems in mind. One of the first sites was Davis-Monthan Air Force base in Tucson, AZ. Scientists took samples of San Joaquine Valley Fever and tried to make it a weapon. This mold is was mostly found in California in the early 1920’s has become very hearty in the Phoenix and Tucson areas, as opposed to southern New Mexico. An area that was cosidered a haven for respritory problems has become one of the worst places for this mold. ”

Whoever controls the food controls the people. (government)

Create the illness and offer the cure. (pharmaceutical)

Government and Pharmaceutical: The FDA is controlled and funded by the pharmaceutical industry. A look at past employees is a big eye opener. They now do NO testing. We are the test tube. They will not order GMO’s to be labeled. They will not allow cloned meat to be labeled.

Considering that the Johnson and Johnson empire, which owns at 250 other pharmaceutical companies, has their foundation setting their people up in various high positions (past and present), plus looking at the grants they dole out to ‘fit their agendas’, their ties with other industries, I’d say we are ‘cooked’ at all levels.”

2 responses to “ChemTrails – A Threat to All Who Wish to Breath The Free Air of Liberty? – Listener’s Feedback

  1. The number of aerosol trails has increased significantly in the last 12 months. It makes me sick no one is really doing anything to make the masses aware of this situation. I suggest a day of public awareness. Rally’s designed to let the public know something is going on in our skies. StarTalk, Coast to Coast and Alex Jones need to address this issue further on their talkshows. Stop talking guys and let’s get to the bottom of this issue before it’s totally dismissed. We must find out what is being sprayed across the planet. If you don’t care then why are you reading my comment.

  2. In our area when they would spray we would get skin rashes, stomach pains, ear infections that would sometimes bleed, and headaches. We be sick for a very long time and it would sometimes go away and then come back again. I also think my daughter has an auto-immune disease from it.