the ‘air car’ of the future – One-man flying space hopper could replace cars (video)

80kg machine may be able to go directly to the jump in jet
Powered by a lithium-ion batteries
Inventor claims a 16-rotor helicopters, the machine will become obsolete
Could be used for “Water Sports” – or even a flying car

It may look like the space around the container model helicopters, but the 16-rotor E Volo is a completely new type of helicopter – which can hover motionless in the air without a pilot effort

Its a brave engineer, Thomas Senkel, the machine took its first manned flight this week – lasting 1 minute 30 seconds.

It is not the first electric powered helicopter – but this is a new kind of machine that is controlled by a simple joystick, where the pilot sits above the rotors.

Senkel says it could revolutionize transportation.

Three inventors claim a flying machine could be used for pipe inspection, such as air ambulance or taking aerial photographs – as well as just for fun.

When they are solved, how to keep it in the air longer – and support more people – Senkel hopes that it could replace a good helicopter.

It is much easier to fly than conventional helicopters – it controls the engine speed, which is computer controlled, so the pilot only needs to use the joystick to play a video game, and does not control the number of complex contorols time.

Senkel files easy to use the machine, “benevolent” and may be able to replace the helicopter in many situations.

He added: “without the steering wheel is just floating there on the spot.”

Multicopter is currently only able to fly for about 20 minutes, because it acts as a lithium-ion batteries.

But the E-Volo hope for a rapidly developing technology means they can perform a one-hour flights in the near future.

Hybrid Drive, where the traditional internal combustion engine to generate electricity, already seems to be a one-hour flight.

Hour flight will cost about six million electricity. The machine has a few parts that could wear out, that is, an airplane needs a little maintenance.

E-Volo say the air is special because “designed for simplicity of construction, without complex mechanics, motors and unnecessary.”

In emergency cases, it can land on although four of the 16 rotors to fail. And because the propellers to sit under the pilot, the safety parachute can also be used.

Monitoring could be integrated with the GPS software, three friends claim, and the machine can be up to automatically avoid obstacles and advance directly to the places. E-Volo has already completed several successful “drone” flights from the vehicle controlled remotely.

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