The Bosnian Pyramid – A Great Discovery That Could Change the World

Radio host Rob Simone interviews Dr. Osmanagic on coast to coast AM about a bold new discovery of one the largest pyramid ever unearthed.

VISOKO, Bosnia-Herzegovina — Researchers in Bosnia on Wednesday unearthed the solid evidence that an ancient pyramid lies hidden beneath a large hill — a series of geometrically cut stone slabs that could form part of the structure’s sloping surface.

Archaeologists and other experts began digging into the sides of the pyramid’s hill near the central Bosnian town of Visoko for some time. The digging revealed large stone blocks on one side that the leader of the team believes could be the outer layer of the pyramid.

Strange symbols and a complex maze of tunnels under the pyramid have also been discovered.

Wednesday’s discovery significantly bolsters his theory that the 2,120-foot hill rising above the small town of Visoko is actually a step pyramid — the first found in Europe.

“We can see the surface is perfectly flat. This is the crucial material proof that we are talking pyramids,”

The Structure itself is a 722 feet high, or a third taller than Egypt’s Great Pyramid of Giza. The huge stone blocks discovered Wednesday appear to be cut in cubes and polished.

“It is so obvious that the top of the blocks, the surface is man made,”

Earlier research on the hill, known as Visocica, found that it has perfectly shaped, 45-degree slopes pointing toward the cardinal points, and a flat top. Under layers of dirt, workers discovered a paved entrance plateau, entrances to tunnels and large stone blocks.

They were followed by many archeologists, geologists and other experts who emerged from the tunnel later to declare that it was certainly man-made.

The work will continue at the site just outside Visoko, about 20 miles northwest of the capital, Sarajevo.

Rob Simone plans to travel to Bosnia, with his film company, Universal Sound and Light productions, to film a documentary about this remarkable discovery and the implications on mainstream

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  1. Sharon LeMaster

    I am interested in a follow up on this and I’d like to know if any dated materials such as writtings or drawings been found