UFOs and the “Renegade Fleet” By Rob Simone

UFOs and the “Renegade Fleet”
By Rob Simone

As far back as 30,000 years, there has been references to “Star people” “Gods in flying chariots” and advanced technology etched on cave walls and written into the religious texts.

While today many people believe in extra terrestrial life in our own galaxy and in the universe, there is still is a lot of confusion as to how many races are out there and what is the exact nature of their involvement with the human race.

The alien phenomenon has been researched from many different angles…

There are some scholars and researchers who look at it from a religious perspective, classifying all aliens as fallen angels and demonic beings. Others look at it from a more scientific perspective. They simply calculate the inhabitable planets in our galaxy and predict how many intelligent species may have evolved over the course of millions of years.

Others look for answers to the beginning of human life through an extraterrestrial intervention. The ancient alien theory and the ancient astronaut theories seem to be interwoven to the search for the missing link and the beginning of Homo Erectus. Others still come at it from a more metaphysical standpoint. Calibrating the spiritual hierarchy of universe and inserting different types of aliens, grays, Nordics and interdimensionals as part of a larger brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind.

After 20 years of researching the phenomenon it occurred to me one day while talking to a friend, that the pattern of behavior from credible and believable witnesses and evidence does not seem to be a pattern at all. When we look at the random abductions, the cattle mutilations, the appearances of craft over populated cities and then the absence of UFOs for decades at a time, it appears that there’s no rhyme or reason to extraterrestrials contacting our world.

Thinking about this even further I compared this type of random, sometimes aggressive, sometimes violent and mysterious behavior to our own human tendencies.

What kind of person or persons would these aliens be if they were human? And the answer is clear, many are misfits and perhaps even outlaws.

It could very well be that the majority of UFO and alien contacts are the result of different species who have simply lost their way or are on some exploration of inhabited solar systems…

To put it quite simply, perhaps these contacts are not the ambassadors, but the renegades.

To further support this idea I looked at the conflicting, confusing and often hypocritical messages and information that has been gathered by abductees and contactees about these aliens and their intentions.

Many abductees go through an unpleasant experience of being operated on or being experimented on or being tinkered with and then thrown back into their environment without any explanation.

Some contactees report a whole different experience of a loving and benign ET encounter, with messages of the future,.. messages to help mankind and predictions of changes to Earth. Some ET’s are only interested in our earth and protecting our ecology from the destructive habits of Western materialism. Still other contactees report bizarre interactions and communications, often without any underlying conceivable message or intent.

If we look at the cattle mutilations, we see that there is highly credible evidence to suggest that someone is more interested in our livestock than us. The thousands of UFO sightings and videos suggest that there are hundreds of different species with different models of craft who seem to be buzzing around anywhere in the North Pole, South Korea, South America, North America rarely landing but often allowing themselves to be seen or videotaped.

These aliens, whether they have been in cahoots with our military or they are responsible for seeding life planet Earth or perhaps they are the gods of the ancient worlds, seem to be acting without any thought to the consequences.

It very well might be that there have been ambassadors to this world who have sent very clear messages to mankind in an effort to be of some assistance. But that message of purity and friendship has gotten lost in the overwhelming chaos and white noise of all these multiple accounts and contact experiences.

If these emboldened aliens are in fact operating from their own whim and whimsy, it might give us a better idea of what interstellar space is actually like… it could be like the old West, completely devoid of right or reason or law and order. It could be awash of renegades and misfits who have technology that is centuries beyond our own.

And in some way it seems more realistic to think that there is as much confusion and diversity in the outer worlds as there is in our own world.

Why shouldn’t these gray aliens be any different from the pioneers, from the gold rush diggers, from the trailblazers of centuries past?

Each one looking to forge a new land, to claim a new stake, to explore the wonders of a new world without the burden of consequence and responsibility as to the effects of their intrusions.

If that is the case, then we might be able to understand more clearly how this Earth has been a sort of a way-station, a distant outpost that lies at the mercy of these interstellar travelers, passing through on their way to other mysterious worlds. Some leaving a mark, some affecting the course of our history and others simply content on flying around in the sky for a while and then zipping off to a more interesting port of call.

3 responses to “UFOs and the “Renegade Fleet” By Rob Simone

  1. fiddlinmadness

    brilliant article!

  2. CableOutageEvery30

    Rob simone is a genius ! i have been wondering on topics like this for ages and no one has ever put it into words that make sense!
    nicely done Rob! big fan of your work!

  3. Lubtar of Trilon

    My own adventure into the paranormal world began when I was 9 years old while enjoying recess during a beautiful sping day in April of 1952 in Moultrie, Georgia. A huge, silver UFO hovered over our school yard for several minutes and then flew away. It had what appeared to be portholes around it and I and my fellow classmate and best friend, Jule, wondered if creatures of some kind were observing us through the portholes. The sighting made the front page of our local newspaper, The Moultrie Observer, because many adults all over Moultrie and Colquitt County also saw the same thing. This incident led to my life-long fascination with all paranormal events.