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Hilarious! Real Transformers Costume Works on Street (video)

Hilarious! Real Transformers Costume Works on Street

MUST WATCH Japan Perfects The Art of Synchronized Walking (VIDEO)

We already knew Japanese people were awesome at crazy game shows, toys, and commercials, and now we can add this to the list: synchronized walking. Only Japan could take a normal, everyday activity such as walking and turn it into a dazzling dance of sorts. Watch as Japanese men and women perform this insanely detailed marching routine, in smart-looking blazers to boot. (Via Dooby Brain)

Little Girl Writes Adorable Letter To Grandpa After Missing Funeral (PICTURE)

Last week we brought you not one, but two hilarious notes written by two of our readers when they were younger. This week, another reader sent us an adorable letter she wrote when she was just 10-years-old. This one caught our eye in particular, not just because it’s a hilarious and sentimental note to her grandpa, but because she wrote it after missing HIS funeral. Heather L. writes:

“Here’s a letter my mother found some years agonthat I wrote at the age of ten to my grandfather, after his death. I remember feeling guilty that I had missed his funeral, so I wanted to send him a letter to ‘make things right.'”

We can’t get enough of these, so please readers, if you any more of you have dug up hilarious things you wrote as a kid,

Best. Resume. Ever. (PHOTO)

The job market is rough, so we wouldn’t be surprised if many employers are getting these kinds of “amazing” resumes on a daily basis. This guy seems like the perfect employee! Aside from finding the time to attend every ivy league school under the sun (and Devry!), he seems to know all the right things to say to get hired. He should have no problem meeting his stated objectives, including the acquisition of a sweet commemorative coin collection, and who would deny a job to a former employee of “The Newspaper” who won a “Puletsur” prize? Just don’t look for references, since they all burned in one, big fire. Genius.

New York Daily News Makes Epic Photo FAIL

When Thomas Magill miraculously survived after falling 40 stories from a New York high-rise, media outlets everywhere were captivated by the 22-year-old actor’s suicide attempt thwarted only by a well-placed Dodge Charger and good old fashion luck. But today, when the New York Daily News ran a story about Magill, they chose perhaps the most inappropriate picture of all time (lifted from Magill’s Facebook profile) to represent the actor. Peter Pan? Really? We’re not sure if this was an accident or they were just having a little fun at Magill’s expense, but even though Magill is reported to be in stable condition, this still may have been a little extreme. (Via Reddit)

Louis C.K. Goes On A Drunken Twitter Rant (PICTURES)

Last night while flying to Los Angeles, comedian Louis C.K. ended up committing T.U.I., or “Tweeting while intoxicated.” After a few too many rum and Cokes, the “Louie” star let loose on Twitter about Sarah Palin, The Beatles, and more for his 180,000 followers.

The rant was pretty offensive and contained plenty of slurs, but we have to say Palin took the most blows. Later, C.K. even tweeted a confusing and offensive rant directly to her by using her Twitter handle. See a few of his tweets below, and read the rest for yourself on C.K.’s Twitter page.