Maritime Autowash: Baltimore’s Eco-Friendly Car Wash (VIDEO)

You might think getting soaked up with soapsuds in your driveway is the most environmentally friendly way to wash your car, but that may not be the case depending on the car wash in your neighborhood.

In this video from CNN, David Podrog, owner of Maritime Autowash in Baltimore, says his facility recovers 95 percent of the wash water it uses. He also claims that his car wash utilizes better cleaning solutions, as older, cheaper chemicals are far more detrimental to the environment.

“We end up paying more for safer chemicals than we would for more dangerous ones,” Podrog tells CNN.

According to the International Car Wash Association, an average individual washing their car at home uses more water than a commercial car wash, and the runoff from their driveway can pollute groundwater, CNN reports.


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